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The Adelson Campus mission is to instruct and inspire new generations of students who will draw strength from a rich Jewish heritage, use their knowledge, values and vision to fulfill their own potential, and build a better world. The campus accepts students of all faiths and affiliations and believes that students who interact with diverse students in classrooms and in the broader campus environment will be better equip to participate in heterogeneous and complex society.

The campus is built on the values associated with the Hebrew word ruach, which translates as spirit or soul. This word is integrated into each classroom, into the curriculum, and into the connections that people make with one another during each day. 

Today, the Adelson Educational Campus has grown from 145 students in 2006 to nearly 550 students. The school has over 130 alumni, over a dozen NIAA competitive athletic teams, and over 80 faculty members. 


How The Thomas Spiegel Family Foundation Is Engaged

Tom Spiegel serves on the Board of Directors, and the Thomas Spiegel Family Foundation has long supported the Adelson Educational Campus.  Since soccer is a universal sport, Spiegel underwrote the construction of a soccer field to be used and enjoyed by all who play and visit the school. 

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